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At VHP our "No Fail Mission" program is designed to help mentally and physically injured US Veterans to return to the point of health and or capabilities they had prior to their injuries. With both owners of VHP being 100% disabled veterans themselves, and one being medically retired after 21 years, we understand what it takes to reach and remind Veterans of their capabilities. Because of this Veteran to Veteran approach there is an immediate connection that every Veteran is familiar with. That camaraderie with someone who truly understands what they have gone through is welcomed both ways. With over 32 years combined in the SEAL Teams the No Fail Mission was our moto and way of life. It is in our bloodline to win at all cost. We have taken this same mindset and dedicated ourselves to another and perhaps the most honorable of causes... Not failing our Veterans! They are a true No Fail Mission and VHP will be relentless and unwavering in reminding them all that we will never give up on them!
Every session of each day the Veterans going through our No Fail Mission program will be partnered up with and coached by a former Navy SEAL. We believe having that Veteran to Veteran approach is what is missing from so many other programs. VHP is resolute in our dedication and commitment to healing the Veterans of this great nation!



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